Trafalgar Consciente will be divided in 2 groups of activities:

img_17301) Training Workshops in the morning


2) Performances in the afternoon, all these two blocks will be performed between 21 to 24 of June.




There will be rituals, events and master classes, so you can enjoy very special moments of connection and complement the workshops and performances in other hours.




Vegetarian food will be served by 10€. For participants who want something more quiet we can accommodate them in one of the private houses that are reserved from the area.






Each training workshop will take place in houses or private places from trafalgar area, no more than 10 minutes drive from Caños. We begin each morning training ourselves in each workshop, for afternoon freely enjoy the environment, the people, and then focus in the performances shows and common activities that will help us enjoy the magic of the environment.



Trafalgar Consciente will be developed in a special week of the year where a full moon coincide with the longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice. The thursday 21st at night we celebrate the solstice in different ways, but where it was done thousands of years ago by other pagan civilizations. Symbolizing that night the end of the darkness and everything is new and wonderfully overflowing.


It is designed so you can enjoy your personal development training with the best teachers, but also have time to socialize, enjoy the surroundings and the most special shows.


We recommend you bring your own to move from the area, however for those who do not have it, we will put a private shuttle service to move between different locations.


In summary:

-4 Full days of different spiritual streams, music, fire and dancing
-Hundred of participants with a spiritual interest, from many places
-Various activities, therapies and surprises every day
-Music & Entertainment
-The Best teachers, local and international artists
-Crafts and vegetarian food

The full agenda is available from PC or mobile in this direction DIARY.

In addition, the purchase of any course or entertainment you will be provide a free bonus 3 or 1 months free unlimited access to Televisión Consciente to complete your training in personal development !!

All this and many more at Trafalgar Consciente